it’s been a long time, huh?

i may not have posted anything here for the longest time but for the record, i’m still alive. and to prove that i still exist and am still capable of physically exercising the dexterity of my bony living fingers typing messages to breathing people who are, unfortunately, more than acquaintances, here’s an excerpt of mine and henie’s text conversation this morning:

me: guys, i’ll celebrate my birthday late kay loser kau ang sked sa inyong lola na nurse kunuhay. lol. anyways, i hope to see you guys on saturday, october 15th, 2013 for dinner and maybe hit the perya after if u guys are into that but i am into that so sorry nalang ninyo. lol. and no, the “2013” wasn’t a typo. see u guys next next year! =)

henie: uhm… 2013 isn’t next year.

me: i said next next year, henikins. =)

henie: cge lang nonsense oi.

me: hahahaha. henie, the world would be a sad, sad place without any of our occasional nonsense! and admit it, we do make you laugh! or smile, at least. =)

henie: really? occasional? occasional?!? OCCASIONAL???

me: yep, occasional. i believe i got my spelling nailed down. hahahaha!


henie at his happiest.

schizo christmas

what he looks like when he feels that his manhood has been violated.

p.s. girlaloo, if you’re reading this, of course you’re invited too. that goes without saying. and like i told the rest of the freaks, see you next next year!

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