the zoo part 2: fowl play

the new cebu zoo may not house hundreds of exotic animals but as far as i know, it’s the only zoo the city of cebu has so i can’t complain; and i most definitely will not complain, considering the meager budget it gets from the government. which is why i applaud all the zoo caretakers for providing the animals with as much love as they can give in spite of. seriously, the zoo keepers treat the animals like they were humans and it touched me because it’s something i can relate. i hold conversations with cassy too even when cassy seems to completely ignore me.

cebu zoo

this has got to be the most handsome fowl in the zoo. i’m ashamed to admit i forgot what this animal is but i like him (i’m assuming it’s a male.) because he looks strong. so sure of himself. in fact, this bird isn’t chained. he’s free to fly in and out because he knows the way back.

cebu zoo

this eagle walks around in his cage holding a brave face while sporting a severely damaged left wing. i pitied it at first. i erroneously thought he suffered because of neglect. i regret even thinking that because later, one of the caretakers informed us that this eagle was shot by some idiot looking for amusement in the mountains of pinamungajan, cebu. when cebu zoo heard about the incident, they adopted the bird and nursed it back to life. they couldn’t save the affected wing. the bullet hit and severed a major bone.

it’s the eagle’s second chance at life. the caretaker said that had the bullet hit the eagle in the chest, it would’ve died on the spot. i’m just glad that the idiot in question had a lousy aim.

cebu zoo

i like cockatoos. i like them for their snowy white feathers contrasted by their huge eyes. this one here is a sulfur cockatoo.

cebu zoo

and this is an eclectus parrot. a very colorful parrot with its blues and yellows and reds and purples. i didn’t hear it talk, though. are all parrots supposed to talk? because if not, then i should stop presuming that they all do. hehe.

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