dig deep. okay, deeper.

al john, who mostly blogs in poems, mentioned about how poetry is so overrated. i, who cannot understand poems without rupturing a major cerebral artery, disagreed. because in spite of the brain hemorrhage it gives me, i appreciate poems like i appreciate well-constructed lies — the beauty of the truth stays hidden deep within their words. in short, you have to be f*cking smart to be able to get it!

more than anything, i appreciate poetry for the voice it lends to music. think bon jovi’s “blaze of glory.” or aerosmith’s “eat the rich.” or metallica and all their songs. old stuff but man, the quality of the lyrics just blows you away! you want poetry? those songs are riddled with various figures of speech like bullets on an open fire.

but right now, i’m thinking poison. because we all need something to believe in.

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