amo la vida

“gratitude in so, so many ways, is so missing in the world today.
so dramatically missing.
…without gratitude nothing is enough.”

i am in near tears. this is indeed a very touching film about appreciating life and simply being thankful for who and what we have.

“and no matter how many crazy things we say; no matter how many unfitting things we say;
how much we can be crazy about something, taken by rapture by something, you know what?
i know i’m not judged… i am embraced.
that is the glorious aspect of friendship.”
“literally, for me, those moments of great conversations
are moments in which we are free.
literally free.”

just as this is about friendship, as i found myself thinking of my friends; of gayle, most especially. because up until now, i never realized that all those nonsense moments we had laughing and exchanging silly jokes were moments when i felt totally free. like an anxious kite untethered from the sad strings of reality –happily flying away into the sunny blue clouds.

“what happened that life has been so generous to me?”

just as this is about the fact that at the very least, i have a family. a family who loved me no matter what. a family who will continue to love me no matter what.

“because no matter what i do, i don’t live like i deserve this.
i live like i thank life for this.”
-julio olalla

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