victoria peak

victoria peak

standing tall and proud in one of the highest mountains in hong kong, victoria peak is something you cannot miss but if you do, you’re not gonna miss half of your life. but on a clear cold night, you would definitely be missing this:

victoria peak

my sister took this shot up there on the observation deck where you pay something like HK$25, if i’m not mistaken. it’s a gorgeous view, i’ll give it that. but man, it was f-f*cking cold!

victoria peak

it didn’t help that the wind was torturing me! i mean, there i was, barely two minutes on that viewing deck and all i wanted was a thicker coat and my hands to stop trembling so i can take some decent pictures of the glittering world below me.

if i think about it, i didn’t have a problem with the cold. it was the wind that got to me. so much so that i instantly yearned for the kowloon weather that my tropical bones body was starting to adjust to. nothing prepared me for that kind of, uh, refrigeration up there at the peak.

victoria peak

good thing pierce brosnan was downstairs to warm things up a bit, whose role as james bond has become nothing but a tasty sampler for madame tussauds.

victoria peak

too bad i didn’t get to take many pictures at victoria peak. i was too busy warming myself up by placing my hands inside my pockets that my primary focus was more on surviving than anything else. and besides, i’ve never been big on cityscapes. i do appreciate them once in a while but what else is there to see three minutes later?

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