aimless walks and happy finds

i forgot to mention. upon our arrival in macau, we were met by a couple of filipinos who offered to tour us around the city for a fee. they spoke in tagalog. i’m sorry but i don’t really trust people who speak in tagalog pushing you to avail of whatever it is they offer. well, yeah, sure, i almost gave in (the sucker that i am) but then i thought about the cost and how much it was so not worth it considering the limited amount of time for such a service. (read: we were dead broke.) good thing i was able to wiggle out of that one.


so anyway, because my sister and i didn’t have a tourist guide, so to speak (like we needed one), we walked around the streets in an aimless fashion. you know, see where the cobblestoned roads would take us. and indeed, it took us to areas i believe are not commonly ventured. it was fun going through narrow alleyways, looking at streets that reminded me of our own colon street, finding a filipino store in the corner of some unfamiliar place, staring at a store that’s overflowing with goods you wonder if customers (or store owners, for that matter) find what they need, and gushing over a cute puppy sleeping peacefully on the floor.


who would’ve thought we’d encounter such interesting places by merely choosing which way to go — to the right or to the left? i guess that’s what adventures are all about, kind of like the narnia way. you just gotta pick one and pray that aslan, and not the white witch, would be there to welcome you in his glory. (man, i love that book! no kidding. i learned so much about life from that one.)


the city has some gorgeous backdrops perfect for cam-whoring. i loved the brightly-colored buildings the most because they look happy. and, of course, i could not not have a picture of me and the lamp post. i ♥ lamp posts. =) but the question is, do lamp posts ♥ me too? lol.

horario de funcionamento

but the best part of that day was when we discovered the horario de funcionamento. without bothering to find out its english translation, the place is basically a park where concrete walls are just bursting with creative graffiti! it’s a really cool place, seriously. it was one of the things that made me so happy being lost. lol.

horario de funcionamento

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