black saturday: liloan

san fernando rey parish church

when we finally got our whole “religous” plan implemented by visiting san fernando rey parish church in liloan, some angel must have pulled a prank on us because we found the church door closed. no wonder it was so quiet when we got there.

anyway, according to my research, liloan’s church is unique because it’s the only(?) church not facing the sea. nobody knows why. but some people suggest that churchgoers before didn’t wanna be bothered by the glare of the early morning sun. because they didn’t have sunglasses then. okay, i made that last one up but who knows, right? it’s a plausible deduction.

because we didn’t get to see the church’s interior, we took our sweet time strolling around its adjacent mini-forest, with the trees lined up and their leaves filtering the afternoon sun’s rays. i’m no hardcore eco chick but i love the sight of trees. i really do. just as much as i love the sight of cute bad boys reading paperback books. but i’m too old for something that juvenile so i’ll leave such kind of high-school crush to teenagers. hehe.

bagacay point lighthouse

next up was the bagacay point lighthouse, liloan’s famous lighthouse. i’ll spare you its historical details. point is, it’s a lighthouse built in 1904. and like most surviving lighthouses, it’s very pretty and very photogenic. and there’s roma and me ruining the whole view.


just enough to dehydrate you under the cruel heat of the april sun, you can take a “short walk” through a field of green and brown weeds on narrow footpaths that would lead you to the rocky cliff overlooking the sea.


of course we did the whole shebang — pictorials and all. why wouldn’t we? we wanted to make the most out of a new place, which is what people should do when they’re in a new place. roma was wearing high-soled ipanemas through that rocky footpath. that girl never complained. the only time she did was when jelvin wouldn’t take our pictures. lol. i love that girl.


this is what the cliff looks like. the breeze and the quietness of that saturday afternoon was so relaxing, that is, if you gather all your zen energy and focus on the spirituality of the moment instead of thinking about how rough and sharp the rocks were beneath your ass. because trust me, sitting there was penitence enough.

bagacay point lighthouse

it was late afternoon when we decided to get going. the sun was casting shadows while shining bright white behind the lighthouse and the trees. it was a beautiful sight. idyllic is the word that comes to mind. whatever the hell that word means. lol.

bagacay point lighthouse

the sun can burn itself and burst into flames and we’d probably still be striking poses for that picture-perfect shot.


but the thing i loved looking at the most? the silhouette of this tree’s leaves and trunk and branches. like i said, i love trees. the shadows make it even more dramatic. i don’t know if you can tell there’s somebody standing there. i asked ram to be my model after i promised him i’d take a really great shot of him with the tree’s silhouette and all. suffice it to say that he spent a good deal of time looking for himself in the picture. lol.


i loved that kalachuchi tree just as much as i loved climbing it. gosh, i can’t remember the last time i climbed a tree. i was probably still a kid then. i almost forgot how good it feels. it’s like being a kid again and the only problem you have is how to get down.


but then again, when you’re with these kinds of retards friends, it’s always like being 8 years old all over again!

papa kits

next stop was at papa kits, an establishment which offers dining, fishing, biking, horseback riding, and ziplining. i so wanted to try the horse ride because i’ve never done it before. i was psyched to get on the pony that i mentally chose, only to go to the area, 50 pesos clutched excitedly in hand, and learn that horse rides were over because it was almost 6 in the evening and the horses needed their rest. of course i was disappointed! but then maybe it was never meant to be ‘coz by then, my camera’s battery died out. henie’s died out at the lighthouse. gayle’s camera was up and running but that girl never uploads her pics so it would take a schizo golden anniversary before she ever uploads them all. lol.

needless to say, we didn’t get to do much at papa kits. we plan to go there again in the near future to try all that it’s psyched up to be. but i’ll go there mainly for my pony. =)


guess who came with us on this trip?! meet twixie, gayle and aj’s baby. a really smart puppy who took ram and aj for an exercise. hehe.

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