girl, are you reading this?


gosh, i really don’t know what to say right now. eloquent words were never my forté. that’s your signature style. never was mine. so to write something in a way that’s above me is kind of putting a lot of pressure on my clavicles. clavicular fracture — does that sound eloquent enough for you? because that’s the most i could do right now. or ever, for that matter.

hey girl, remember when we were at this coffee shop near gayle’s place and you told me about how the whipped cream in everyone’s frappuccino had 36% milk fat in it? and how i ended up eating all your whipped cream because you guys didn’t want to have anything to do with the 3-letter word?

or that time we were in a taxi near ayala and out of the blue you asked me if i knew what the word “sporadic” meant? you were secretly hoping i would say no and i gave you the pleasure of defining that word for me to remember forever and ever. you tattooed it right to my freaking brain that day. you really did. now i’m stuck with that tattooed word, dammit!

also, remember when you used to send me all these really long, touching letters that left me with seizures because every other word i would experience what they medically refer to as an aura?

man, being your friend is both liberating and taxing at the same time! but then again, wasn’t it you who gave us all those heartfelt advices right when we needed them most? your advices make sense. they really do. experience really is the best teacher, huh? and we’re nothing but your dumb students. lol.

but for what it’s worth, thank you for teaching us all you know about love and life because we’re too lazy to do our homework. you should’ve thought long and hard about being friends with us when you noticed us calling you every night asking for the correct answers to some of the world’s most confusing accounting problems. intuition would’ve told you we’d do pretty much the same thing when it comes to the general picture called life.

but you were there. you were always there. you are still there. like a silent parasite — the good kind, i guess, because you’re my favorite flea. lol.

i love you, girly girl. have a wonderful birthday! =)

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