even if they can’t color a turtle cookie to save their lives, i love these girls to death.

turtle cookies

gayle wanted hers to look like it’s out-of-this-world. an alien cookie turtle that just came from the future, but with a retro-ish design on its shell, just so it would look as hip as the disco-dancing, hallucinogen-induced people of that long foregone era. and although the blatant truth was right before her eyes, she wouldn’t admit the equally blatant fact that her turtle looked like a crazy junkie.

and then there was romy’s turtle, which gayle said had eyes like a caterpillar. i don’t know what possessed roma to color her turtle’s eye red. or why it was as big as its head. and we’re not even talking about the shell yet! hehe. if gayle’s had a retro vibe going on, roma’s had this air of mystery to it — simply because it kind of leaves you wondering what the hell it is, aside from the automatic question somewhere in the line of, “what happened?!” lol.

because i am writing this, i have to say mine looked decent enough. watery cookie coloring notwithstanding. the rest of the freaks may beg to differ but what can i say? i love my own. although i didn’t have the stomach to eat it because it looked, well, the way it did. and i honestly wasn’t so sure if the coloring was edible.

so to check if it had some kind of poison in it, i gave it to ram as a sweet shit surprise, making him prove his love for me by eating it. i can be wicked, i know. but the dude actually enjoyed every crumb of it. and yes, he’s still very much alive.

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