philosophy glass

some people see a glass
with some water in it and say,
“oh yes, that glass is half full!”
some people see a glass
with some water in it and say,
“oh no, that glass is half empty!”
i hope that i am one of the
people who is always able to
look at each of my glasses and
see them as at least half full.
that’s very important in life,
because if you live feeling like
your glass is half-empty, well,
it may as well be empty all the way.

mattie stepanek

this kid is amazing. or should i say was, as he passed on already. but still. at eleven years old, he knew already what he wanted. and he worked on it. nevermind that he was strapped to a wheelchair because he suffered from a rare form of muscular dystrophy. nevermind that he had to gasp for air just to be able to talk. his physical disabilities notwithstanding, he had a brilliant mind and a beautiful heart. and he wanted to be a peacemaker, which he was.

i just wish we all know what we want because most of the time, we don’t. i don’t care if the glass is half-full or half-empty. what matters to me is that there’s water in it. with maybe a slice of lemon and two or three ice cubes. i can’t complain.

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