a sunday activity

talisay lechon

hands down, cebu has the best lechon in the country (although i’ve tasted really good lechon in bohol but that was because the cook was a cebuano who learned to perfect his skill here in cebu before relocating to bohol).

and where’s the best place to order lechon? in talisay, of course. i’m not being biased. sure, i live in talisay but i have to say the lechon around here taste soo good you’d want to have some every single day. lol. okay, i’m kidding. maybe not everyday. every sunday perhaps.

because every sunday here in talisay, a short walk from where i live, there’s this little place with stalls selling lechon. it’s not anything fancy. think old bamboo stalls and wooden tables and plastic chairs. but it’s pretty clean, if you’re not obsessive-compulsive about cleanliness. there you can buy lechon the traditional way — without the use of weighing scales. that’s because the vendors there have been selling lechon for ages they can chop up the lechon depending on how much money you got on you. say, if there’s only two of you, you can tell them to give you a hundred pesos worth of lechon and before you know it, they’re chopping lechon parts like crazy. you may think you got short-changed with the weight and all but your doubts blur the moment you’re munching on the crispy red skin. and besides, my mom told me that lechon sold by kilograms are not cooked to its tender perfection so there would be more weight on its meat, thus, an advantage when using the scale.

and i’m posting this because i love love love lechon. eating out at one of the lechon stalls in talisay is ram and mine’s favorite activity. and seriously, i do need the extra fats! lol.

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