narnian lessons

i’ve been reading the chronicles of narnia by clive staples lewis for a couple of weeks now. another book loaned to me by the greatest friend in the world who, in spite being so busy juggling work and law school at the same time, still managed to draw a princess at the very last page of the book. not to mention how she could still squeeze in the time to read the twilight saga and hang out with friends.

the chronicles of narnia is more like a children’s book — children so developmentally advanced that they have somehow accumulated a vast network of vocabulary that even their own parents couldn’t define what some words mean. well, the book is kind of like that. or maybe i’m just so developmentally retarded i have the vocabulary of a two year old. lol.

unknown words aside, i enjoy reading the stories. about magicians and white witches, lions and horses, about kids who are too adventurous for their own good. even if i strain my eyes reading the fine print. for what it’s worth, i’m learning something page by page.

like how life is one great big adventure if you just open your mind to it.

and how, being an adventure, things may not always go your way and you just have to go with the flow and enjoy the scenery — whether it’s huge mountains or endless snow or huge mountains covered with endless snow — and trusting that somehow, the sun would come out shining soon.

it’s about having faith. and holding on to that faith. that in the end, things are gonna be okay.

just as it’s about trusting and treasuring the people you love who never left your side all throughout the adventure.

it’s about life and the challenges it brings.

it’s about finding yourself. and finding yourself stronger. wiser beyond your years.

crying is all right in its way while it lasts.
but you have to stop sooner or later.
and then you still have to decide what to do.
–the silver chair, from the chronicles of narnia

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