silent. but it’s there.

When the trees sing,
It doesn’t really matter
If you know the song,
Or if you know the words,
Or even if you know the tune.
What really matters is knowing
That the trees are singing at all.
Mattie Stepanek

this is our third videoke player. the first one my mom bought last christmas, she gave to my aunt in the US. we’ve only used it once, i think. during last year’s christmas party with my friends.

the second videoke player was bought just last week, if i’m not mistaken. used it for new year’s dinner with my mom’s relatives. and then, after realizing that 10,000 or so songs were not enough for a family of splendid singers (ehem), today my mom brought it back to the store and had it upgraded. so that we now have 12,000 or so songs eagerly waiting for our voices to give body to its music. which is exactly what my parentals, my uncle, and nanay cora are doing right now as we speak. visayan folksongs overload. seriously. pages and pages of it. my mom’s thrilled.

listening to my mom sing (which she rarely does) tonight reminds me of that night she bought her first videoke player. i came home late from work and found her copying song numbers and titles into another notebook. it was already around 1 or 2 in the morning so it was unusual to find her there in the living room.

me: nag-unsa ka?
mommy: akong gipang-kopya ang mga kanta para dili na mabaw ug pangita imong daddy sa iyang mga ganahan.

my mom’s never the showy type of person. but looking at her doing what she was doing, i never doubted for one second how much she loves my dad. she just has a different way of showing it lang.

i hope you all find somebody to love you and who’d love you back this 2010. if you do, don’t expect them to love you the way you want to be loved. just let them love you the way they know how. that doesn’t necessarily mean they love you less.

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