silent all these years

listening to this song makes me emotional for no specific reason. just that it does. like you could listen to tori amos sing the entire length of the song staring into space, with all your thoughts and emotions clashing together to form one big wave of — i don’t know. emptiness, i guess. like the hollow feeling i feel in my stomach right now. or my chest, where my heart used to be. i need to breathe.

i don’t know what exactly her words mean. the message lost in a web of poetry. they say it’s about a girl who got knocked up and the guy being really unsupportive about it. perhaps. i googled the interpretation and people read into the lyrics differently, although abortion was a recurring theme.

anyway, now’s one of those times i desperately wish i were a poet, so i can either dissect her thoughts or create my own so people would go crazy dissecting mine. haha.

it’s amazing how this one song speaks so much yet so little at the same time. but more amazing is the voice that sings these words.

you may want to check this out: #2 is a really sound interpretation of the lyrics.

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