last day

the novelty of writing my singapore experience has worn off but i’d feel guilty if i stop now that i’m on my last installment. writing about one’s experience always has a way of validating that experience, no matter how big or small. no matter how uninteresting those experiences may be to some people. but i’m writing for myself. so it doesn’t really matter much to me if nobody reads all the stuffs i post in here. as long as girly keeps herself updated as my constant(?) and lone follower, i’m cool with that. hehe.

our flight back to singapore from malaysia was a vague one. i couldn’t remember much because i slept the whole freaking time. even a plane crash wouldn’t startle me in the least bit. i was that tired and sleepy! seriously.

i woke up in singapore’s aerial territory in a panic when i suddenly realized i couldn’t feel the little toe in my right foot. like it was dead or something. paralyzed. in my head, i was ruling in and ruling out different disorders and diseases according to how they appear in the medical dictionary — the newly revised edition which includes the latest and rarest medical diagnoses of all time.

my brain basically went into haywire. i could feel my leg and my toes and my paranoia but not my little toe. the baby-est of all my toes — numb from the forceful pinches and the nail pricks that i was mercilessly subjecting it to. so small. so dead.

and so there i was, so paranoid, filling my brain with thoughts of complete paralysis and amputation, my mad preoccupation interrupted by the stewardess handing out breakfast trays which consisted of omelet, sausage, broccoli, and bread.

and before i knew it, we were in singapore once more. once again queuing for immigration inspection. once again on the train that we were getting more familiar and adept with. once again lost as we alighted one train station away from where we should have stopped. once again walking a hundred feet or so. once again bothering singaporean strangers on how to get to Eunos road 5. another road trip by foot. that paralyzed my little toe even more.

jurong bird park

our last day in singapore was spent at Jurong Bird Park where we saw penguins and parrots and flamingos and probably all the birds you can name off the top of your head. the park was huge. like really huge. this time, my little toe was way beyond dead. but the walk was well worth it. Jurong bird park features a lot of interesting stuffs out there, including the highest man-made waterfall.

i loved the penguins the most. but i sort of got sad at the thought that because they were held in captivity, they would never find their lifelong mate because their other half is out there in the wild looking for them while they’re stuck inside an airconditioned room designed to look like antarctica. i just don’t want them dying alone, that’s all, deprived of their chance to meet their one true love. but that’s not to say penguins can’t have flings, right?

tampines, singapore

met with my sister’s friends later that evening for dinner at Tampines where my tongue fell instantly in love with Tori Q. i wonder if we have Tori Q here in the philippines. or if it tastes just as good as that meal i had there in tampines.

had coffee later that night and it was then that i found out some facts about singapore. do you know that their prime minister is the highest-paid singaporean? granted that it’s an obvious fact, do you know the reason why? basically to prevent corruption. the guy can get anything he wants so there’ll be no need to want more since he already has more than a lot. i doubt if such principle would apply here in the philippines, with the greed and the need for power. it’s sad, really. if only things don’t have to be that way.

on a happier note, i was psyched to come back home  the next day. i missed my bed. i missed my pillow. i missed cassy. i missed ram. and although singapore is one country i can imagine myself living in, my home is here in cebu. it always will be. =)

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