a shocking revelation

mommy and daddy wedding

i can’t believe it was only yesterday that i found out my parentals wed in secret! obviously, as the word “secret” suggests, nobody knew. except maybe for the two people who had to stand as witnesses.

ugh! how come it took so long for me to know about this?! it sure came as a shock, though, coming from my dad. we were just hanging out here at home, talking about the past which i may or may not blog about one of these days. anyway, my mom and dad had their reasons. let’s just say things in my mom’s home were getting really crazy. i was just shocked, that’s all, ‘coz a secret marriage sounds so rebellious and so out of their characters (except maybe for my mom. my aunt told me she had a rebellious streak in her too. now i know where i got that gene! lol). and they were just 23 (mommy) and 26 (daddy), for crying out loud! my dad laughed when i exclaimed, “at that age, wala paman nay buot!” he said it was the fad then. a very “in” thing to do. kewl. lol.

anyhow, i’m glad they found each other and that things worked out all right for them. i love happy endings. =)

p.s. their very simple church wedding happened a couple of years later, though (see photos above). my elder sister was their (ugly) flower girl. lol.

2 thoughts on “a shocking revelation

    1. apparently, it was an “in” thing to do back then. and they’re the same people who are probably against it now. go figure. lol.

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