an exercise of self-revelation

3 People Who Make Me Laugh:
Uno: my dad. when he says or does something really silly, which i find really funny.
Dos: ramrodz doing the “under the water” thingie
Tres: Homer Simpson

3 Things I Love:
Uno: sitting on the shore right after sunset, just watching the waves roll by. drowning in my sea of thoughts. appreciating the peace that comes with solitude.
Dos: spending time with people i truly, sincerely, actually care about.
Tres: driving all the way to lapu2 with friends just to watch the sun rise through barbed wires. in the middle of the road. without any sleep.

3 Things I Hate:
Uno: the feeling of disappointment after all the expectations.
Dos: the vagueness that life presents to you.
Tres: riddles. in life or out of it, it’s the same thing. they drive me crazy.

3 Things On My Desk:
Uno:  my journal
Dos: my 0.4 Gtec
Tres: my NCLEX Reviewer (a fixture. literally.)

3 Things I Am Doing Right Now:
Uno: staring at the computer screen
Dos: wondering why i’m even doing this on a hot tuesday afternoon
Tres: realizing that i’m bored and depressed and this is supposed to be a “therapy,” a self-hypnosis of some sort, daring me to go deeper into my subconscious.

3 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
Uno: go skydiving. seriously.
Dos: live in Italy. in a nice little villa. surrounded by sunflowers.
Tres: build a library for less-fortunate kids, teach them to appreciate the value of books and reading.

3 Things I Can Do:
Uno: mess up ramrodz’ life with a single joke. simply to piss him off. just for fun. hehe. i get a kick doing that. distorted, but fun. hehe.
Dos: undo the damage i’ve done after saying that i’m sorry.
Tres: love truly, madly, deeply… but rarely.

3 Ways to Describe My Personality:
Uno: dysthymic
Dos: passive-aggressive
Tres: deep. like, psycho-deep. hehe.

3 Things People Might Not Know About Me:
Uno: i sleep with my 23-year old pillow. my security blanket. whether it’s regression or not, like hell i care.
Dos:  i write for self-preservation purposes. keeps me sane.
Tres: i actually have goals in life, though it may seem otherwise.

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To:
Uno: your parents. you may not want to but eventually you grow up and when you’re not so angsty anymore, you realize they’re right. (although it still feels so good to rebel sometimes! hehe)
Dos: your intuition. your soul.
Tres: silent lucidity by queensryche

3 Things I Don’t Think You Should Listen To Ever:
Uno: the suicidal version of yourself. when you’re berating yourself for not measuring up to people’s fucked-up standards. mind you, you’d always always fall short. and besides, it’s all a matter of screwed-up perspective.
Dos: liars (read: jerks). i mean, what’s the point?!
Tres: really sleazy, pathetic love songs. (they drive you to depression. a major one.)

3 of My Absolute Favorite Foods:
Uno: anything my dad cooks for us. it’s always special.
Dos: my mom’s chicken feet (better than dimsum’s!)
Tres: anything italian

3 Things I’d Like to Learn:
Uno: do an abstract painting — Picasso style!
Dos: numb myself from life’s little tragedies
Tres: live with reckless abandon

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly:
Uno: water
Dos: green mango shake
Tres: vodka (i’ll make it a staple in my own fridge in my own house someday. hehe.)

3 Shows I Watched When I Was A Child:
Uno: Ninja Turtles (i forgot my favorite turtle. it was michaelangelo, i think.)
Dos: X-Men
Tres: Power Rangers (oh god, this is so embarrassing!)

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