jhoy & cari

laguna cafe, cebu

it’s rare to build lasting friendships because of work. hell, it’s pretty rare to build lasting friendships at all especially as you get older and everyone’s busy with kids and priorities and stuff. something i’m slowly starting to realize and accept as a fact of life. one of those curve balls that time throws at you that you just gotta deal because, well, what can you do?

i’m one of the lucky ones, i guess. although if i really think long and hard about it, these freaks are the lucky ones to have me. lol.

met them working at a local hospital around 2008, or was it? because it seems like it was so long ago. anyway, these are the people who made working fun. the same people i would get excited to be working with on shifts because as crazy as the day could get, they were even crazier, which cancelled out the stress. hysterical laughter guaranteed. and to think they were my senior nurses!

we have all moved on now and are now living in different countries. we rarely keep in touch but once in a while, by some form of miracle, we do. so when i found out that jhoy was flying to cebu around the same time i was gonna be there as well, and with cari also in cebu then, we just had to meet up. just had to.

because who knows when the next time will be?

laguna cafe, cebulaguna cafe, cebulaguna cafe, cebu

needless to say, catching up with jhoy and cari was one of the highlights of my trip. it was exactly what my soul wanted and needed — a warm conversation with friends interjected with anecdotes and inside jokes and reminiscing the random shit we did way back when. it was so nice to just talk and update each other with the goings on in our lives, even if we had to cram everything within 2 hours because cari had to go somewhere important and jhoy was leaving for singapore on that night.

all in all, definitely one of the best lunches i had! 🙂

speaking of lunch, my mouth is watering as we speak. looking at these photos makes me want fresh lumpia like, right now!

laguna cafe, cebulaguna cafe, cebulaguna cafe, cebu