national gallery of victoria

i’ve always liked art. even though i don’t always understand them. some people get very technical about it while i usually go by the feel. or rather, how it makes me feel.

it’s true, though. art has a way of stirring your emotions. looking at a beautiful piece of artwork is like getting both hemispheres of your brain to function together simultaneously. you appreciate the artist’s skill in bringing colors to life. at the same time, you probe deeper into your neurons to understand the meaning behind the picture.

when i don’t high-five myself for being such a genius when i figure out the connection, i make peace with the fact that some days, i. just. won’t. get. it. and that’s okay too. i mean, by default, i’ve always been kinda slow anyways. while some people barge in and tackle knowledge head-on, my brain prefers to walk in the park and smell the freaking flowers en route.

national gallery of victoria

this is one of the paintings at the national gallery of victoria that had me staring. hard.

as this was taken a thousand years ago (i told you, i don’t blog in real-time. and lately, it’s getting worse on account of me feeling so lazy uninspired), i have forgotten what this painting was about or who the artist was behind such painting. all i know was this made me stop and stare. don’t you just love it when a painting does that to you? like it really grabs you by the collar and holds you captive to it. there’s just no way you cannot not take notice.

national gallery of victorianational gallery of victoria

same with this one too. which, i think, is about good and evil. the innocence of babies juxtaposed with the meanness of the world and then there’s me channeling pocahontas with the earthy tones in my outfit and the poncho that kept me warm on that cold winter’s day where i thought i could wing it sans leggings.

those little white baby heads in the art installation looked so much like my goosebumps, i tell you.

national gallery of victorianational gallery of victorianational gallery of victoria

national gallery of victoria

a historic building in itself founded in 1861, the nice thing about NGV,  as it is popularly called, is that it holds a vast art collection featuring australian and international paintings, sculptures, antiques, etc. (that intricate cradle was definitely one of my favorites. it still is.)

but the best thing about NGV? it’s free.

knowing me and my sister, we tend to gravitate towards that 4-letter word.

national gallery of victorianational gallery of victoria