The Coldest Summer

“Are you working?” Krisfaye messaged me that Wednesday.

“No,” I said, anticipating another one of our impromptu dinner catch-ups. Still, just to be sure, I asked why.

“Let’s go grab halo-halo at Chadstone!” she replied. “I’ll message Met-Met.”

Of course Krisfaye had to have a craving for halo-halo on the coldest summer day in Victoria since 1978, with a freezing temperature of -5.4’C recorded at Mt Hotham just after 5am.

While some areas in Victoria were surprised with snow, my area was presented with a jack-in-a-box kind of shit weather. Boing! Sunny. Boing! Windy. Boing! Rainy. Boing! Sunny again. The only constant was that it was fucking freezing all day long.

The halo-halo was great but to be honest with you, it was a bit hard to appreciate when I was practically fighting hypothermia I didn’t know anymore if my teeth were chewing or chattering.

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