Redwood Forest

If you ever come visit Melbourne, I’d probably take you to the Redwood Forest, where you can walk between aisles of redwood trees and marvel at how high they grow they seem to almost touch the sky; their leaves and branches creating a canopy that envelopes you in a cool dark embrace the deeper you go into her heart.

It’s a very nature-y place to go to. Great for photoshoots, as well. So when we took my cousin, Ruth, and my sister’s friend, Carl, there three years(!) ago, I believe they liked it. I mean, Ruth said she did. If memory serves me right. It’s been so long ago I can barely remember the details of this trip.

At any rate, it’s one of those places I would definitely describe as ‘enchanting’ in a mysterious sort of way. Like, there’s just something about it. You know that feeling where you go inside a cathedral and you feel like you have to whisper because you’re in a sacred place? It’s the same feeling.

Or it could just be me. Because when I’m there, I like to sit quietly next to a tree, close my eyes, and breathe in the energy of the place as I try to converse with the spirits of the trees.

Like a fucking hippie.

The trees never really communicate back with me, of course, so I just end up looking stupid.

But before driving out there, I’d probably take you to A1 Bakery first for some coffee and shawarma or whatever suits your fancy that’s available on their small selection of menu. Just keeping it real in good ‘ol Dandy. Touring you like a local.

But, goodness me. Raven looks so young in these pictures. Three years go by so fast.

*Raven at 2 years old

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