Food Coma

I’m still so full from dinner last night. And still a bit lethargic, too, although I don’t know if that’s from my blood circulation concentrating on digesting all the monggos and grilled pork I ate or because it’s Sunday and Sundays rhyme with slumber. Well, almost.

At any rate, I ate like a fucking sumo wrestler. Minus the guilt, too, because last night was a social event which, by rights, gave me special permission to gorge. (At least that’s my excuse.) It was our first get-together after two Melbourne lockdowns and numerous plans that never materialized because of work commitments because that’s all everyone does around here: work.

Because catchups are a novelty, they turn out quite refreshing.

And seriously, Met-Met is such a good cook! Krisfaye and I are her mere kitchen helpers — cutting the vegetables or making sauces as per our chef’s instructions, cooking the rice which we still somehow ended up burning one time… We’re not too bad at it, actually.

Here’s Raven and me waiting for them to show up. We agreed on 5:30pm (I’m glad work finished early) but they don’t call it “Filipino time” for nothing.

*Raven at 5 years old

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