Are we boring or what?

My sister comes over for a visit and guess where we take her?


To freakin’ Springvale.

Because Jeff can’t get enough of the lok lak at this Cambodian restaurant I used to really like but now leave me feeling disappointed with every dish that I order. Not that they’re not good. They’re alright.

I think it’s me. I think I’ve outgrown the place and the dishes that they offer no matter how nice and friendly the owner of the joint is.

Nevermind what I ordered off the menu on this day. Probably prawn spring rolls or whatever. My only consolation, though, which I was kind of looking forward to, was the taro blended ice with gummy boba balls and lychee ones that pop in your mouth from Healthy Cup. Not exactly as healthy as the company name makes it sound like because heaven knows how much sugar is in there but I can’t help it. It’s one of my guilty pleasures.

And besides, I always go halfsies with Jeff who ends up drinking more than half his fair share because that’s marriage for you: It’s never equal.


The highlight of this day?

Letting Raven hold my cup for pictorial purposes and Jeff capturing the very moment she happily dropped it. Good thing it wasn’t in a glass container otherwise there would’ve been nothing left to salvage. As it turned out, there was a big slash on the side of the cup where it tore and it was definitely leaking but why waste another $5 to order a fresh one when you can simply ask for an empty cup (for free) to double it over and contain the spill.

What can I say? We’re Asians for a reason. 5-second germs be damned.


*Raven at 3 years old

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