she loves drawing, this kid. put her in a corner with a pen and paper or whatever art stuff that’s lying around and she’s one happy camper. until, of course, something else catches her fancy.

but in general, i find it amazing how she can be so focused when she’s doodling. one of the staff in her day care centre even commented about how ‘advanced’ her skills are in terms of holding a pen and making complete circles that my heart swelled with pride when she told me about how she went so far as to set up a special table for raven to draw when she’s not in the mood to play with the other kids.

i’ve always wanted a creative kid. i promised myself that if i ever have one who shows the tiniest inclination in art, i would support them all the way.

yep, all the way.

so now, here i am paying for that promise i made a long time ago before i had any idea how costly art materials can be when you have to keep purchasing and repurchasing them because (1) you kid keeps losing or breaking them; and (2) she can’t be bothered covering the markers so they dry up faster than your tears and your bank account combined.

those crayola ultra-washable markers and crayons do add up in the long run, i’m telling you.

but omg, when she’s in a creative mode like this, i wouldn’t mind crying tears of blood for this kid.

she makes it all so worth it.


*raven at 2 years old

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