a quick stop at geelong

there’s really not much to say as it was just a quick side trip to grab lunch before heading back on the road to continue our trip to the twelve apostles but i gotta say, geelong is actually a very nice place!

and these photos are making me sentimental. it’s very rare for my family to all be together in one continent so i really want to preserve the photos here as much as i can.

geelong, victoria, australiageelong, victoria, australiageelong, victoria, australia

my dad’s so cheeky. in a lot of the pictures, i notice he’s always teasing raven and it makes me smile to look at him looking at her with such joy. he dotes on her.

almost every day, he calls me on viber to ask if i can jump on skype so he can see raven, and vice versa, so she “wouldn’t forget his face.”

at one point, he asked me about raven’s temperament and what she’s like as soon as she wakes up because he was trying to figure out what kind of baby raven is based on “secrets of the baby whisperer,” this secondhand book he bought for 39 pesos which became his preoccupation for a while. joked about considering venturing into another career path: baby consultant.

he was really serious about imparting the knowledge he learned from the book. took screenshot photos of pages he deemed worthy of a read and sent it to our family group chat on viber. he was even willing to mail me the book itself and spend probably a thousand pesos to do so. not very practical, in my opinion, so i politely declined. and besides, it’s so much more fun when he shares lessons from the book with me. it makes me laugh when he tries to sound like he’s suddenly an expert on babies.

angel baby.

according to him, that’s the kind of baby raven is, based on her general disposition and as outlined in the book. i couldn’t agree more. jeff and i are so blessed to have such an easygoing baby.

but the one thing he said that struck me the most?


i try my best to remember that all the time. sure, she may be “just a baby” but i totally get my dad’s message, for some reason. i guess it helps that power tripping isn’t exactly my style either.

live and let live.

although as a parent, i do believe it has to be balanced with discipline, as well. easier said than done, i suppose. good luck to me.

geelong, victoria, australiageelong, victoria, australia

lunch was at this restaurant in the middle of the pier called wah wah gee. their food was really good but the waiting took ages! i mean, how long does it take to order another serving of rice? unless, of course, they cooked another cup from scratch.

don’t get me wrong. the food was great but we wasted a lot of time there just waiting for our orders to arrive.

good thing the view outside complemented the beautiful weather so we did what any tourist would, given the circumstance:

geelong, victoria, australiageelong, victoria, australiageelong, victoria, australiageelong, victoria, australiageelong, victoria, australia

*raven at 8 months old

7 thoughts on “a quick stop at geelong

  1. Raven does sound like and easy-going kid…like she never bothers you and Jeff at all! I’ve been to Geelong a few times and love it when the weather’s sunny, like the weather you had there. Lol, I didn’t know that place took long to serve food. Maybe they do cook from scratch as you said and that takes time. Or maybe people don’t usually order rice and it’s an Asian thing lol 😊

    1. they even have filipino spring rolls on their menu! that was definitely a first for me. as far as i know, there is only one filo restaurant somewhere north in the city. i’ve never been there so reading a filipino dish on a menu was quite a novelty for me. so, yeah, as far as i’m concerned, if they have a filo dish in there, there’s gotta be some ready-to-serve rice somewhere in their kitchen! hahaha.

      or maybe we were just so hungry. but then again, it’s rice, for crying out loud! vietnamese restaurants have them by the bucket! =D

      1. Really, I didn’t know there were like literally no Filo restaurants in the city but now that you say it, yeah :/ Rice all the way with Filo, and with Chinese too. But I must say I prefer noodles 😀

  2. Such a sweet and beautiful post ! Your Dad’s expertise made me smile, it’s so great ! And you are all absolutely beautiful ❤

    1. he is. kahibaw na jud baya ka siya jud akong weakness.

      and, yeah, the photos turned out to be really nice. we got lucky it was a sunny day too otherwise, it would’ve been “meh.”

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