bric’s: italy finally found its way in cebu

as far as bags and luggage are concerned, that is.

bric's milano

founded in 1952 by mario briccola, the classy, high-quality leather goods come from a tradition unique in the world that guarantees the elevated quality’s standard of a bric’s product. when one speaks of “made in bric’s,” one refers not to the geographical provenance of the company but rather to the genius of italian know how, from which an idea is born, and to an all too unmistakable style. (from bric’s brochure)

bric's milanobric's milano

and when they say style, i reckon it’s not so much about being trendy as it is about being classy. because judging from the looks of their bags, you’d probably get the impression that the designs are pretty safe but you have to admit: they do evoke a subtle sense of elegance that neither screams nor shouts, but quietly sits there with the confidence of a lady who knows her worth without having to prove it to anyone else. because everyone else pretty much gets that vibe, anyway.

bric's milano

i don’t even know if that makes any sense to you right not but that’s one of the things that draws me to their products. the simplicity of it that cannot be underestimated by looks alone because there’s a certain timelessness about it that speaks of quality.

bric's milanobric's milano

there are quite a number of items to choose from, depending on what suits your needs and your lifestyle best. their luggage is their bestseller and really, i’m not surprised. they make you look and feel like a thousand bucks — a jet-setter with a propensity to travel in style, minus the flagrant display of monograms.

bric's milano

as a matter of fact, my sister and i modeled some of their bags and boy, did i fall in love with this one in particular. it’s so me! just as that luggage is so my sister, the traveler that she is. (check out her blog!)

let’s just say we both rocked ’em! and with the neutrality of the colors and the designs, i’m pretty sure most everyone can. i would say any “basic bitch” would but what the hell does that mean, anyway? more importantly, what’s so offensive about it?

bric's milano

oh, and guess what? i met jewel of, another blogger in cebu who’s nominated for the 2014 best cebu fashion blog and best cebu photo blog.

(this blog has been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2014 best cebu personal blog, too, but i never told you that, did i? well, now you know. hehe.)

she sure is one chatty lady! a very lively girl. we both found it funny how are names would have been exactly the same, if not for their last letters.

jewel x jewey is what she labeled that encounter. i liked the sound of that. =)

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