cole haan: of quality and style rolled into one

cole haan

“OMIGOD, THAT IS SO ME!” was the first thought that entered my head. the ones after that were basically a tangle of mental wires short-circuiting the fuse in my brain as the statement “that is a really nice bag.” simultaneously turned into a question of “would santa buy it for me?” thereby reducing me into a 6-year old who still believes in that bearded old man up in the north pole who can magically squeeze himself, his tummy, and his sack full of toys down a narrow chimney.

and all because of a bag. with matching wallet, to boot!

at least that’s what that cole haan bag (and let’s not forget the wallet) did to me. like all of a sudden, it was christmas and i just wanted to scribble that one particular item on my list regardless if i had been naughty or nice. (i was nice. sometimes.)

but, yeah, being inside the newly-opened cole haan shop at ayala center cebu is so much like being a kid in a candy store. and we’re talking real yummy candies here. definitely the kind that keeps you coming back for more.

cole haancole haancole haan

a little fyi: the company has been around since 1928. if you do the math, that means they have been around long enough to figure out what exactly makes a shoe the shoe, you know what i mean?

Cole Haan was formed in Chicago in 1928 by Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan, who built the company on a reputation of quality, craftsmanship, style, and service. Cole Haan—which began life as a men’s footwear brand but expanded into women’s and children’s products as well—has sought to maintain this spirit throughout its more than 70-year history. (source)

good thing they ventured into women’s shoes as well because the following are holiday temptations themselves.

cole haancole haancole haan

in a perfect world, i’d be rocking these babies right now. =)

speaking of christmas, you might wanna visit cole haan at ayala center cebu and surprise that special someone in your life with a little something from the shop. who knows? you might just get something naughty nice in return. wink, wink. =p

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