breakfast by the beach (a half-baked post)

bluewater panglao beach resort

generally speaking, there’s nothing like having breakfast with the salty breeze from the sea blowing into an al fresco restaurant on a beautiful sunny morning.


bluewater panglao beach resort

nothing beats watching jeff devour (yep, you read that right.) a huge breakfast, in particular. viking style. lol.

in fairness to him, he has been deprived of good ol’ filo food for years so it’s understandable if he literally went crazy at the sight of the buffet table offering different kinds of true-blue filipino dishes that are considered a staple in the breakfast table.

as far as i can remember, there was rice (of course. plain or garlic — your choice.), eggs (cooked to your preference), vegetables, bacon, noodles, salad, different kinds of bread, jams, cereals, juices, etc etc etc. bluewater panglao beach resort practically had the whole business of breakfast covered for both locals and foreign tourists alike.

oh, and they had dried fish that you can ask the staff to fry for you too. not to mention the sticky rice with traditional hot chocolate.

the dude basically flipped at the sight of it all. especially those last two.

staring at the two plates he had on our table (while waiting for his dried fish and whatever else it was that he asked for to be served), he was like, “omigod, i don’t know where to start!”

as if he hadn’t eaten for thirty-eight days.

bluewater panglao beach resort

yet i still manage to look bigger than him on pictures. must be his monggos face. lol. =p

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