bohol: the province that it is

a lot of people probably hold the idea that bohol is all about white sand beaches and modern, quality resorts growing like mushrooms. in panglao, that may be the case.

but the rest of the island is still very provincial, in a sense that it pretty much consists of sleepy old towns and majority of the locals’ source of livelihood is from agriculture. you know, like rice, corn, coconuts, and stuff like that. i remember, on one of my summer visits there, i voluntarily spent a whole afternoon just threshing corn. manually, by hand. blisters and callus aside, it was fun.

what i didn’t get to do, but still kind of always wanna, is to plant rice. and ride on the back of a water buffalo. someday.

but don’t you just love how idyllic the scenery is? it’s like being transported to a place where the hands of the clock have arthritis and the bones in your body age so fast you find yourself moving just as slow too.

or maybe it’s just me?


12 thoughts on “bohol: the province that it is

    1. my bf actually took these. he used a panasonic GH4.

      yep, he’s a photographer too. guess that’s one thing we have in common, huh? hehe.

        1. i edited those myself using picasa. the go-to editing program for lazy people like me. =)

          what editing program do you use, by the way? your photos look really good too.

          1. Im using for filtering… but most of the times I use Ulead… I’ll try picasa next time… Is it a software you need to download or can I just do it online?

            1. you can download it for free from the internet. it’s by google. i’m not sure if you can do it online too but i downloaded mine and do the editing on my desktop offline. it’s actually a pretty neat tool. you should check it out.

  1. First, the photos are lovely. Your boyfriend sure knows how to take good pictures. I haven’t been to Bohol but it is in my places-to-visit-before-I-die list. I am definitely going to make a trip to this place soon.

    1. thanks. having a photographer bf does come in handy for my blog when i’m too lazy to take pictures myself. hehe.

      yep, i think bohol is a lovely place to visit. can’t wait to read about it on your blog.


  2. Oooh, Bohol! It’s funny that we haven’t stepped in neighboring Bohol (well, at least not as travelers and adventurers) while we reached more remote regions in the Philippines.

    Bohol is now definitely in our bucket list! Scuba diving, trekking, sightseeing—we just can’t wait!

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