my little sukilala

when she’s not chubby cheeks, i call her sukilala. because at the very early age of one, she has already mastered how to work those huge brown eyes to her advantage. big teardrops glistening down her face at a moment’s notice.

she’s adorable. i love her so much. i can’t wait to hear her speak full sentences so we could talk about fairies and princesses and pony land the way i did with aeva. but there’s no need to rush. for now, i relish her vague one-syllable words and the way she opens and closes her tiny little hand goodbye. not to mention that beautiful smile she gives you which lights up her eyes and brightens up her entire face. and if you’re lucky, she might share with you some of her precious laughter. something you get after you earn her trust.

something jeff learned firsthand. because on this day, she wouldn’t even let him come near her. didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

one week later, they were like the best of friends. laughing nonstop over jeff’s silly faces as if all this never happened:


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