an aimless walk around auckland city

once again  i am guilty of shoving all my pictures into one gallery like i usually shove all the stuff i could manage to fit inside my luggage a day or two before any trip and then hoping against hope that the zipper would still close and that my bag wouldn’t burst open mid-flight. simply because i couldn’t be bothered. i don’t know if someone out there could actually relate to this but sometimes, there are trips whose stories are better left unsaid because, well, there really isn’t much story to tell in the first place.

it was basically like a silent walk in the park, only in this case, it was an aimless walk around auckland city. yep, just me and those birds at the pier. (i don’t know why i love taking pictures of birds. i just do. half of my city pictures are probably of those birds i’m starting to wonder if it’s a psychological aberration similar to a fetish. hope not.)

at any rate, welcome to the city of sails.

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