afternoon date with an arabian horse

the ranch resort

by now, you can probably recognize my friends if you ever see them begging on the streets (although there’s a pretty high chance that would be me). i talk about them quite a lot. not as much as i want to but enough for you to conclude and for me to deceive you that yes, i do have real friends. and by “real,” i’m not talking about friends being true. i’m talking about real people who physically belong in this world and not merely some imaginary figures i hold conversations inside my head with.

i don’t have a lot of friends. you must have picked up on that too. that’s because i’m really quite shy. so it’s cool when my friends introduce me to their friends and we kind of get along well enough for me to invade their personal space as i lean on them when we have our photos taken.

that’s kayson, by the way. the manila guy. the guy who fires up the neurons in the left hemisphere of my brain as i struggle to find tagalog words to express whatever it is i want to say. i like that he’s patient enough to wait for me to finish my sentences. but more often than not, he supplies the words for me because patience may be a virtue but it sure is a waste of time!

the ranch resort

having said that, allow me to share with you more photos of that trip to the ranch resort at toledo, cebu. the photos are all jelvin’s that’s why they are so nice. with lens the size of a canon, it would be laughable if the photos come out like they were taken using a disposable camera. but more than the specs of the technology itself, the guy takes really good pictures. or maybe that’s just ‘coz we’re amazing models? (insert jelvin rolling his eyes here. lol.)

the ranch resort

when i signed up at the front desk, i honestly thought i was going on a pony ride. i imagined a small horsey glowing like a unicorn and there would be me — a f*cking rainbow brite. what the staff failed to mention was that i’d be riding on a warrior horse! i wasn’t even close to being mulan!

mushu, yes. mulan, no.

the ranch resort

but later on, i kind of got the hang of riding el-jay (that’s the name of the horse). kind of being the operative word because i sure as hell found it extremely difficult to balance my stick self against the stirrups while the horse swayed left and right. it didn’t help that i had nothing to hold on to except that piece of leather on the front part of the saddle.

the ranch resort

also, it didn’t help that all of sudden, it rained. when moments before it was super sunny you never would have thought it would even drizzle. but it did. practically the whole time i was there on the field. it stopped when it was the rest of the freaks’ turns so i figured that rain was specially for me.

because i love rain. it was a happy, liberating feeling. i felt like a hot poster girl for some unknown men’s magazine whose company is so bankrupt they can’t afford to get better models. lol. no, really, though, it was a very nice feeling. i can always say i went horseback riding once or twice before but saying “i went horseback riding in the rain” is something definitely worth bragging about. no?

the ranch resortthe ranch resortthe ranch resort

if i was a poster girl, jelvin channeled sergio. you know, marimar’s love interest? the unbuttoned white shirt should have been a dead giveaway. he may be found lacking in terms of chest hair but as far as the sultry looks go, he’s got it all nailed down.

just don’t confuse jelvin the sergio with pulgoso. =p

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