speaking of bohol bee farm…

bohol bee farm

it’s one of those places in panglao, bohol that’s certainly getting people’s attention — for very good and very flattering reasons. i liked it there. i like the fact that they promote organic farming and the use of ecologically friendly materials in the construction of their resort which extends into the minute details of their dining paraphernalia. i like that it supports the local community by providing them with means of employment they otherwise would not have had the opportunity, or access to.

bohol bee farm

there are many products offered at bohol bee farm. they have muffins made from corn and squash. they also have home-baked bread made from something that’s usually not what sliced breads are typically made of. i forgot — was it squash? — but it was really good!

and the spreads! my taste buds had a feast! chunks of bread and different kinds of spreads were available for taste-testing so in a way, i also had a feast. lol. but really, they were so good. among the spreads, my favorites would have to be the pesto and mango ones. =)

bohol bee farm

with it being a bee farm and all, it’s a given that they also sell honey too. which they do. again, different kinds of honey. i never knew there were actually many types of honey. i know this sounds dumb but i’m gonna ask anyway: does coconut honey still involve bees? or if it’s just, you know, coconuts? coconut bees? lol. whatever.

aside from honey and muffins and spreads, bohol bee farm also sells organic beauty products — soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, everything organic and beauty-oriented they could come up with! it’s amazing, actually.

bohol bee farm

they also have a souvenir shop packed with interesting items made from indigenous materials. but then again, you see these items in every souvenir shop anywhere in the philippines so unless you’re a foreign tourist or a curious 3-year old kid, you probably wouldn’t bother looking through the overpriced display.

bohol bee farm

but what stood out for me was the food! like omg-they-are-so-good-and-oh-so-healthy-too! it’s the kind of food that makes you want to go back. like seriously go back. even if it’s just for one afternoon. even if you have to travel four hours for it. definitely worth it!

the staff was really friendly too. the girl assigned to us was very pretty. (my younger sister and i couldn’t help but notice.) she was kind enough to entertain our questions about the place. (trust me, we had a lot!) like the fact that bees get aggressive during rainy days, which was why we couldn’t go and see them on that day. (it was drizzling.) and that instead of candles, they place small stones inside a chipped soup bowl and pour in some used oil after sticking a piece of wick in the middle. very eco.

bohol bee farm

should you find yourself at bohol bee farm, do try their flower salad. aeva got a couple more complimentary flowers because it fascinated her to eat all those colorful petals. must have been really fun for her. and for us, who was watching her, too. =)

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