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island in the sky

first of all, let me just say that i love this couple! they’ve invited me to a lot of their dates where it almost always ends up with jelvin taking photos of me and roma so that  it looks like i’m on a date with roma. lol. anyhow, they’re going to palawan soon (am i allowed to broadcast that?) and of course, i’m psyched for them. i mean, palawan’s probably one of the nicest places to bond with your lover (lover jed?!) as it is an exotic place warm enough to leave you with a smile on your lips and sunburn all over the rest of your body.

anyhow, like i said, they’re going. so jelvin showed me their 5-day travel itinerary and asked me what i think about it.

i laughed MFAO. don’t get me wrong, it’s a very detailed itinerary with all the specifics right in there and i salute jelvin for making such a fine table of all the elements involved but… seriously?! lol. (jelvs, if you’re reading this, you don’t need to go to the bus terminal to catch a ride to el nido. fort wally, a shuttle service company i told you about, is 5 minutes away from the airport. call them ahead of time to schedule your transportation. don’t take the bus to el nido, unless you fancy a 9-hour travel that includes bus breakdowns and/or loading/unloading of other passengers.)

but the real reason why i’m writing this? it’s because jelvin’s itinerary made me realize how different mine are, if i even make one because most of the time, i don’t. sure, i keep in mind all the cool places i wanna visit but that’s just that. the rest i leave to the fluffy white clouds.

bacolod itinerarybacolod itinerary

the last time i really planned an itinerary was about two years ago. yep, those are the “really” part. the ones i seriously took the time to color in.

no wonder my life is a mess. lol.

4 thoughts on “on itineraries

  1. weh!!!! thank s janut 🙂 I dnt y sad nag-naning kaayo siya ani…pero hapy kay ang effort geng , pila jud kaadlaw gbuhat 🙂

    misyah !! nig kita nato ako pakita nimo..g-print jud nako, i need to know your opinion on this hahahaha

    1. i look at them now and my eyes hurt! lol. i don’t know how i managed to use them as my “compass” for that trip. was probably high on colored pencils. i wonder where those pencils are now, though.

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