when san juanico bridge used to be just a dream

san juanico bridge

they said it’s the most beautiful bridge this country has to offer. a poetry of steel and concrete lasting 2 kilometers long. a rare kind of structural beauty you wouldn’t see in this photo because i kind of suck at photography and this is my measly attempt at capturing the bridge’s essence, from the nearby NMP’s wharf where i used to spend late june afternoons in just watching the san juanico bridge for 2 weeks while on a training.

san juanico bridge

built during the marcos administration from 1969 to 1973, san juanico bridge brings the islands of samar and leyte closer together across the san juanico strait, where you can see a picturesque scenery along the way if you care enough to look in appreciation the things that you see.

san juanico bridge

with the gap “bridged” (so to speak), transportation between the two islands just got easier as cars, cabs, vans, buses, jeepneys, and ignorant curious tourists like us traverse through its roads on a daily, weekly, monthly, or once-in-a-lifetime basis.

san juanico bridge

of course, when you’re finally standing right there on the very thing you only read about in textbooks during your elementary years (and getting the name of the bridge wrong during the quiz), you can’t blame us if, at the risk of getting hit by fast-moving vehicles, we just had to! do a series of jumpshots right there.

and you know how hard jumpshots are to pull off or get right. it’s never a one-time thing. so there we were — in the middle of the road jumping our kidneys and our livers into anatomical displacement while ram pleaded with the gods to not get us all killed in the process lest he be spending the rest of the weekend trip alone in leyte.

san juanico bridge

one of the bridge’s features which makes it unique is its “S” and “L” shape, with the latter on the leyte side of the bridge and the former on the samar side. common sense would probably tell you what those two letters stand for.

but the most interesting trivia about the bridge which blows my mind until now?

the fact that san juanico bridge was a testament of how much ferdinand marcos loved imelda, who grew up in tacloban, leyte. a passionate 21.9 million dollar proof of one’s affection and promise of devotion above a thousand whirlpools rippling in the seawater.

san juanico bridge

imelda marcos certainly raised the bar for me on that day. because she made me realize that i don’t want a diamond ring.


san juanico bridge

san juanico bridge

san juanico bridge

san juanico bridge

10 thoughts on “when san juanico bridge used to be just a dream

  1. i feel both love and hate for the expression “burning bridges”.. 🙂

    your photos and the story that accompanies them are wonderful. whatever happened to the awards thingie?

    1. the “awards thingie” is doing marvelous! apparently, i got in the top 10 — top 10 with the least number of likes! hahahaha!

      oh, well. =)

      1. Hahahaha!!!! Oh well, I AM STILL VERY PROUD OF YOU! and look at that, kanus-a pa ka nagstart ani and you got recognized right away! great things ahead! great things ahead!

        1. what are you on? hahahha. ganahan lagi kau ko nimo da kay optimistic kaayo ka! hehehe.

          thanks, girly girl. with or without that awards thingie i’d still be here doing my thang! =p

          1. lol. didn’t notice you wrote girly’s name at the very start of your sentence. i just noticed it now. 7 days since you posted your comment.=p

            anyhow, ask girly to invite you. by invite man gud ang blog sa boang. sosyal ang animal. lol.

    1. that’s because we truly had an enjoyable time. just as i always find your company enjoyable bisan usahay mo stoop down nalang ko sa inyong level. lol. =p

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