tumalog falls

tumalog falls

sure, my thighs and calves were screaming from the tension of pacing each and every step so i wouldn’t slip and roll down the length of the steep downward slope (not minding the potential bruises and skull fractures, it would’ve made the journey easier and faster) but in my head, all i could say was, “at least this one isn’t as tough or as dangerous cliff-climbing up and down the sharp limestones that was taraw cliff.”

because, so far, i haven’t encountered any experience yet that was as death-defying as that. heaven forbid that i will.

tumalog falls

getting to tumalog falls was basically like a striptease. you marvel at the cascading river with its little pools and you wonder if that’s it already. but from a short distance, you can hear the sounds of the waterfall and somehow, you just know something better’s waiting.

tumalog falls

you catch a glimpse of the dazzling white water contrasted by the greens and grays it falls against and the excitement is inescapable. you’re in for a treat.

tumalog falls

what can i say? tumalog falls definitely has its charms! (and trust me, she will charm the hell out of you.) sure, it’s not as huge or as powerful as the niagara but if you’re as paranoid about drowning as me, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

tumalog falls

and seriously, unless you stand two feet tall, there is NO way you can drown in the falls’ pool. because it’s just knee-deep. which means it’s perfect for those who actually want to try standing directly under the falls for some impromptu water massage which basically feels like splinters coming down full-force on your head and shoulders. definitely relaxing, if you happen to be a big fan of pain. which i’m not.

tumalog falls

but boy was i a big fan of the view! looking up at the cascading falls which seemed to sparkle against the early afternoon reflections of the august sun, it sure felt like i was in a real-life dream. the surreality of it all was probably what being high on drugs feels like. minus the withdrawal symptoms.

tumalog falls

nothing but pure bliss, baby!

now, i don’t know how many photos one needs to be able to appreciate the beauty of tumalog falls from every angle but here are a couple more to get you high enough:

tumalog fallstumalog falls

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