the irresistible charm of alona beach

panglao island, bohol

good morning, sleepy world!

with summers synonymous to beaches in this part of the world, and with this part of the world blessed with a little too much sunshine when the rain is not flooding the streets, it hardly comes as a surprise that the invisible hand that created the universe decided to spend more time perfecting our beaches until the clear blue waters sparkled and the powdery white sand glistened under the kiss of the sun.

panglao island, bohol

as the giant fiery orb slowly takes her position high above the skies, a beautiful paradise unfolds right before you — an orchestra of sights and sounds harmoniously blending into each other to give you a kind of serenity that you only get when you stay still and surrender to the beauty of nature the world is providing you for free.

panglao island, bohol

let the waves purify you until all that’s left
is the innocence and the goodness of the child within you.

feel the sand between your toes. feel it tickle your feet.

panglao island, bohol


simply because it’s so easy to find comfort in the simplest of things.

just because.

panglao island, bohol

with sand on your butt and thighs,

smile, sit back, and enjoy the view.

it’s a beautiful day — and it’s only just beginning!

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