where 100,000 pine trees grow

eden nature park & resort

comfortably nestled 3,000 feet above sea level is davao’s eden nature park & resort, which is covered with over 100,000 pine trees over 80 hectares of land. the mountain resort, which used to be a logging area before it was discovered in 1971, boasts of being 95% man-made. nature handled the rest of the percentage magnificently, tending the flora and fauna with the gentlest of hands.

because it is basically a man-made forest, it took the owners more than 25 years to grow the trees they planted and a couple of years more to develop the area into what it is right now.

eden nature park & resort

and what it is right now is a haven for nature-lovers the likes of ram and me, who took the time to take corny photos of each other standing beside a tree that was silently screaming “awkwaaard!!!” for the whole 80-hectare forest to hear.

admittedly, the ride from davao city to eden nature park was a long one. or so it seemed to me, as i remember asking the driver several times if we were almost there already. if he answered me each and every time with increasing irritability directly proportional to the increasing altitude, i didn’t hear him as my ears were buzzing from the change in pressure. (i hate it when i get that. sometimes, plane rides are the worst.)

eden nature park & resort

but the tinnitus was worth it! while waiting for the shuttle that would tour us around the area, we discovered a huge playground with swings and horseys and slides and other stuff that kids enjoy. ram loved it!

eden nature park & resort

just as this kid loved the rope gliding which, for some reason, they called the “indiana jones.”

eden nature park & resort

but really, it’s a great place for kids and adults alike. =)

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