re-discovering dr. seuss in el nido

sunset vistas

at sunset vistas where we checked in, it was a wonderful surprise to see a well-stacked bookshelf filled with books that have obviously been read and re-read a hundred times, their pages worn out from constant flipping. while waiting for our lunch to be served, my sister read aloud dr. seuss’s oh! the thinks you can think! as a way of entertaining ruthie and me, at the same time teaching herself how to read in a manner that would place her reading skills above those of an average kindergarten.

on that afternoon, i learned about the colorful world of dr. seuss; where words can be used as playthings swirling around my tongue and my brain. hypnotizing. enchanting. enlightening.

and my favorite? something that relates to discovering myself by discovering the world. something that encourages. something that inspires.

oh, the places you’ll go!

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