raymond c.

i’ll be the first to admit it. i am getting old. it’s not exactly a bad thing because all my friends are getting old too so it’s not so much on who gets old first but on who looks young last. whatever the hell i’m saying.

one of the perks of getting old is seeing younger people’s transformation from children to teenagers to adults with more maturity and fashion sense than you could ever have with your age and your experiences combined. i’m saying this because it’s an awesome feeling to be shocked at how those kids have grown and how they have blossomed into someone you can truly be proud of.

yen2's despedida

gayle, girly, raymond, yen2, roma, me

i’m blessed with really creative friends who can act and dance but could never sing no matter how they push their vocal chords to the limit. they just can’t. but they’re really good actors (except for gayle who is my fellow tree during role plays), especially my friend, yen2. she’s the most versatile actor i’ve known and i don’t know a lot so that’s a real compliment! anyway, yen2 has this magnificent way of acting that would move you to tears. her dramatic skills touch your emotions in a sense that you can really feel this sting in your heart it’s almost too painful to bear. her singing skills basically have the same effect.

but this isn’t about yen2. this is about raymond, her brother, who is such a creative genius! he has always been creative. the first time i saw him a million years ago, i could tell. his sister bragged about him almost nonstop. i once tore my house apart looking for the local newspaper which featured him upon yen2’s insistence.


now, raymond is a budding designer who, i believe, is starting to make waves, if he isn’t already. give the kid a couple of years more and he’ll generate a tsunami. till then, i can’t wait to be washed away. =)

oh, and did i mention that he’s really witty too? i read his tumblr posts. all of them. i may be fashion-blind but i can read and he cracks me up. check out his site and see for yourself:


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