john bramblitt

i should be sleeping, i know. henie will be here tomorrow at 11am for the lechon lunch i promised to keep him company with. but i’m not sleepy yet.

i’ve been wanting to post this for several days now. (just as i have been wanting to finish posting my hong kong/macau travelogues for months now!) but one way or another, i got tied up with other stuff and i was left postponing and postponing for some other convenient time.

anyhow, this guy inspires me. because if i couldn’t be beyoncé, then i would want to be a painter. watch. his is an amazing story of overcoming what society deems as a “handicap.” so what if he’s blind? his works are fascinating. and i love how calm he seems when he talks. the gentleness of his voice makes me want to hang on his every word.

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