feeling hot and gorgeous in hong kong, relatively speaking.

fresh out of shower and having slept for 1 glorious hour in a real, albeit rather small, bed, we were good to go. for real, this time. the morning of our first taste of hong kong? i was virtually a walking zombie, strolling along the streets within the vicinity of our guesthouse, who would only let us check in at 12 noon once the previous occupants have checked out. thus, my haggard look in the first few photos.

hong kong

but mind you, if my sister was deemed a celebrity among guys in kuala lumpur and cambodia, i was a goddess in hong kong. lol. although not among chinese men, but rather by men with an indian ancestry. i don’t mean the headgear-wearing tribe. i mean the kind who drive motorcycles along the streets of the philippines, selling appliances or lending money to people on a 5-6 scheme. no kidding, in their eyes, i must have looked like a total hotshot. they were coming up and coming on to me using different strategies it was almost creepy.

my sister said my, let’s just say “pheromones”, turn them on. either that, or i look like the kind of chick who’d look good riding on the back of their motorcycle while they’re out and about collecting payments. lol.

hong kong

this guy right here? at first he was just handing out flyers, asked me to come and visit the restaurant he’s endorsing which is right around the block. said it serves one of the best indian dishes in kowloon district. i looked at the menu printed on the paper and the first word i read was curry. i don’t like curry. (realized that while i was in cambodia, for crying out loud!) so i politely turned him down and was about to go my way when he continued, “what’s the name of your hotel? i can deliver it right to your doorstep.” i smiled and told him, “no, thank you.” again because i am polite like that. this time, i was definitely walking away when he took out his pen, scribbled down several digits on the flyer and said, “this is my number. please call me.”

o diba, bongga! lol.

and that’s not all. i think i am also a magnet for lonely white men who are probably in their late 30’s or early 40’s. barely 2 hours at the airport and this guy stops me on my tracks and goes, “hey, where are you staying? do you have a boyfriend? do you want a boyfriend here in hongkong?” i kind of entertained his questions with answers like, “well, we’re staying in kowloon, yes, i have a boyfriend, and no, i don’t want a boyfriend here in hong kong.” because, again, i am polite like that. and he was like, “oh, okay. thank you so much for your time.”

what do you know? he was polite like that too! lol.

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