good morning, hong kong! =)

hong kong

okay, so we were finally able to check off one of our travel-related to-do list. that is, to sleep at the airport. we would have done it two years ago at kuala lumpur’s budget airport terminal but man, you should’ve seen the number of people lying on sleeping bags and clutching their backpacks on the floor! it didn’t look very comfortable. didn’t look very safe either. so on that one, my sister and i chickened out and called our hotel; begged them to please allow us to check in waay too early. thank god they agreed.

but on this trip, we were left with no other choice. but i can’t complain. hong kong’s lounge chairs were padded to provide comfort to its guests, and there we were abusing it. haha.

hong kong

took a bus at 6 in the morning as we headed out into hong kong’s open space. felt the early morning chill shooting straight into my bones. so this is what hong kong’s spring feels like, huh? it was only then that i realized how ill-equipped i was in terms of my sartorial preparation. because although i had the city’s 5-day weather forecast plotted on my phone’s calendar, it became clear to me that i had zero idea of how cold 15º could get, especially so when you’re fresh out of the tropics.

and honestly? chanel got it all wrong. because while this was the spring look i was going for (as ambitious as it sounds), i just didn’t have enough body fat to counter the low temperature. even when i was mentally prepared for it. even after i fooled myself into thinking, “it’s just like being in an airconditioned room, no big deal.” right. needless to say, for the duration of the trip, i looked nowhere near chanel.

hong kong

but then again, who cares? so although i may not have looked anywhere near chanel, i sure as hell was standing pretty close to it! lol.

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