the green hornet

watched the green hornet with the freaks three days ago and what can i say? i got a few laughs out of it. in spite of the fact that i never heard of the green hornet before. not even when i was a kid. just as i never knew about the transformers. or iron man. but i didn’t exactly have a dumb childhood. of course i knew all four ninja turtles — i collected their stickers, for crying out loud! and i knew the x-men too, with storm as my particular favorite. and yeah, the power rangers too, but the mere mention of that would make my childhood dumb and this revelation embarrassing.

the movie was fun if i don’t analyze it too much like i did iron man and the transformers. but i saw it more as a conflict between the hero and his side-kick. the fact that the side-kick doesn’t have a name doesn’t quite sit well with me. and the hero, who does absolutely nothing during crucial moments, gets to have the recognition and the glory simply because he’s rich and he can afford all those cars and all those weapons. talk about politics. but the side-kick doesn’t really seem to mind, though. most side-kicks don’t. it’s in their personalities, i guess. that said, i think i’d make a good side-kick. =)

oh, and did you know that bruce lee was the original side-kick in the original series? ‘coz i didn’t know that there was even an original series! the rest of the freaks did. i shocked them. gayle was like, “so you don’t know brandon lee either?!”


and before i know it, gayle and aj animatedly starts talking about the tragic death of bruce lee’s son who apparently died while filming. accidentally got shot with a real gun and all. but i wasn’t really listening. because in my head, i continued to wonder how that asian guy managed to make not one, not two, but three! custom-made cars equipped with deadly weapons in just eleven days. by himself. no co-mechanics. not even the transformers helped him out with all the wiring and stuff.

that, and how cameron diaz can manage to appear all hot and sexy when she’s not exactly, you know? “well-endowed?” tee-hee.

but then i’m thinking, if life were a 3D movie, i have a feeling i’d look hot and sexy too. but i’d have to confiscate the world’s 3D glasses in order to achieve that blurry hot and sexy effect. lol.

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