things we did in bangkok

it’s funny i’m saying that — things we did in bangkok?! well, there are a lot of things to do there, all right, but we really didn’t get to do much. ‘coz if we talk about shopping, didn’t get to shop much either.


there’s this huge store there called platinum mall where people flock to to buy wholesale clothes at bargain prices. if you do the math, you will come to the equation that it’s definitely cheaper than the same stuff sold here in the philippines. and mind you, they are exactly the same stuff! a dress sold here for 400-600 pesos would only cost you around 200 pesos if you buy it there. that cheap! although the catch is, you need to buy at least 2 or 3 items from them. either way, you still get your money’s worth. some people shop there with stroller bags or huge luggage, i kid you not. i was carrying only about 3 or 4 plastic bags. the small ones.

oh, the reason we didn’t get to shop much? we were shocked into semi-paralysis. it was overwhelming! — imagine a place probably as big as the SM we have here in cebu. stalls after stalls of clothes occupy what, 4 floors? we’re talking back to back stalls. with about 5 or 6 lanes. it was crazy. at first i looked around and if i found something i liked, i’d tell myself i’ll go back there but after a while i couldn’t find it anymore.

also, one of the problems with shopping there is the “what-if-i find-something-better-and-cheaper-in-the-next-stall” mentality. you end up not buying anything and at the end of the day, you wonder what you were doing all those hours you were in the mall. at least that’s what happened to me.


the busy area around the mall. there’s the king again!

while platinum mall seems to be gen pop’s favorite, i discovered another mall across platinum mall selling clothes at even cheaper prices (i forgot the name of the place). but the designs are somewhat limited, though. and they strictly enforce the wholesale deal (although i was able to buy just one dress at a wholesale price. either the guy manning the store fell for my charms or he was desperate. lol.) they have lesser crowd traffic there, if you want to shop in peace.

khao san road

khao san road is also a shopper’s place but we didn’t go there to shop. we went there to eat! all the street food you can eat, baby! we tried everything we could see starting from the ones sold outside platinum mall until the ones in khao san road. that was our dinner already, with a huge serving of pad thai aleth loved so much she was willing to carry the thing around while eating/strolling. lol.

their street food is really good, if you’re not picky. when traveling, i like to eat what they sell on the streets to make my experience more authentic. their satay was delish! so are their fruits. but my most favorite street food of all? the grilled sausage balls served with tons of cabbage. the sausage balls taste like our typical chorizo but, man, i fell in love with the cabbage! it was more about the cabbage than it was about the sausage. in my head, i kept thinking, “if i get to eat this everyday, i wouldn’t mind being a rabbit.” seriously. or maybe it was drugged? lol.

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