why is this siem reap/angkor travelogue starting to become a punishment?! lol. that trip was a month ago and here i am trying my best to catch up simply because it’s against my principle to quit this so-called documentation for grandchildren born to my children who aren’t even born yet! a couple more blogs and then i’m done. but then again, i still have to do thailand after that. and the other events after that. and another one after that. somebody kill me. lol.


okay, so where were we?

after the unfortunate incident of our batteries dying out at ta prohm, we had to sweetly convince our tuk-tuk driver to drive us back to our guesthouse because if you have to be rational about it, what’s the point of visiting exotic places when you don’t even have a camera to prove that you really were there?! i don’t know if everyone else feels that way, as some people don’t mind not having snapshots of the places they visit but come on, we were going to ride an elephant for the very first time! we cannot NOT have that documented! needless to say, we wasted about an hour and thirty minutes. time we could’ve spent in bayon temple.


but i didn’t mind missing bayon. because we passed by it along the way and it was gorgeous from afar. it was enough for me to just see it blur by from where i was seated in our tuk-tuk.


this is a lousy shot, i know, but i can’t help but admire the temple’s intricate details even from afar.


i loved this picturesque view of the backside of the temple. it was around five in the afternoon and for some reason, looking at bayon and this little body of water gave me a certain sense of peacefulness. or maybe it was just the last rays of that wednesday sun inducing poetry in my bones where i normally don’t have it. either way, it was a nice feeling. something about the ancient wind and dust sending me a message i have yet to decipher.

if only those stones could talk. i would’ve loved to hear a word of wisdom on how to be strong enough to stand the test of time. and then, as a sick joke, some wise-ass god would turn me into a stone. so much for wisdom.

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