pre rup

here i go again. another temple post. but i can’t stop now. i’ve come this far to “documenting” my siem reap trip that it would be a shame if i just go cold turkey.

so, anyway, pre rup. another mountain temple we visited. another flight of steep stairs just to get to the top. at this point, the midday sun was making me jaded. (i needed intellectual stimulation. something that would keep me on my toes. something that would’ve been provided by a tourist guide. the guide we should’ve had, but for some unexplained reason, didn’t have.)

pre rup

but pre rup has a way of awaking your senses. like literally. because it arouses your fear of heights. i mean, it’s a very tall structure. and to be standing there on top looking down with no barriers to keep you from falling — no railings, no nothing — there certainly was an element of thrill to it.

pre rup

and here’s me and my cousin tempting fate, trying to go as far into the ledge as we could.

pre rup

obviously, i’m still pretty much alive.

pre rup

a little something to feed your altophobia:

pre rup

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