you know those moms who couldn’t seem to stop talking about their kids? i’m afraid i’m slowly turning into one of them.

i hate to brag but my niece is probably one of the smartest kids there is. seriously. give her a couple of days to fill in the blanks of little mermaid’s part of your world. give her a week and before you know it, she’s singing the whole song. she is that amazing! =)


but kids these days are just too techie. sure, she loves books but she loves her ipad just as well. she taught me how to use it, for crying out loud! it’s fun playing the matching game with her. she’s very good at it. very smart. like me. or not.

her ipad also comes with a coloring book, which i think isn’t the same as really coloring. so one day, while babysitting her, i decided to take out her crayons and her coloring book so she could go old-school. but i spiced things up a little bit — instead of using her hands, i taught her to color with her feet! but don’t tell my sister that. because once in a while, you’d now find her browsing through her ipad with her toes.  lol.


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