dining like rich folks

mediterranean dinner

had a mediterranean dinner here at home tonight with my dad and sister — bruschetta, ribbon macaroni in white sauce with white wine, and prime-cut boneless, skinless chicken whose recipe name i do not know. all cooked by my sister. carbo-loaded, i know, but everything tasted sooo good. i loved the white sauce. =)

not to be outdone, my greek salad was pretty wicked too! no kidding. well, it was the least i can do because truth is, i can’t do anything much when it comes to cooking. lol.

we even had white wine in one of those fancy-looking champagne glasses. we dined like rich folks do, although i’m not exactly sure what rich folks dine on. but it sure felt like it; the ambiance highlighted by my mom’s kitchen chandelier which we barely use because she says it consumes too much electricity. so the chandelier’s just there for decorative purposes, other than those times we make use of it when my mom’s not around. or when my sister wants to make a statement with her cooking skills.

the 2-megapixel phone picture doesn’t do much justice to the the real thing, though. because the real thing looks 200x better!

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