the ruins

the ruins, negros occidental

i have only one word to describe the ruins: GLORIOUS. just glorious.

and we couldn’t have been there at such a perfect time. right around mid-morning when the sun’s supposed to be getting just about warmed up. but there was no sun on that wednesday. instead, there were clouds. light gray clouds looking like it would rain. baby rains. an ultra-light drizzle. and there i was. with somebody i wanted to share that quiet morning with. staring at something so incredibly mesmerizing. the greens of the grass and the leaves of the trees contrasting with the blackish white mansion, the sights further contrasted with the acute feeling of simply feeling and loving that feeling. of being in the moment. of losing myself in that moment. just staring. and feeling.

which is why i will not bother to narrate some of the facts i learned about the ruins — dates, names, events. to hell with that. facts are facts that i will forget sooner or later.

but the impalpable feeling that i felt on that peaceful wednesday morning is something i would hold on to for a very, very long time. because it has been deeply sculpted into my subconscious. and if somebody asks me to describe peace, i probably wouldn’t be able to. but i will remember and i’ll feel. and i’ll smile.

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